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Wherever you see this sign look out for Tom. He is a Professional Member of the Dry Stone Walling Association and fully insured for Public Liability.

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If you are thinking of redesigning your garden with walls and paths Tom is able to advise on sourcing materials at competitive prices - take a look at the archive for ideas. He has had particular success with selfbinding gravel which looks very smart and can be edged in a variety of materials.
Selfbinding path.
Selfbinding path in a newly laid out garden.
Newly finished wall - roadside.
Walls in front of three houses on a smart housing estate now have identical walls except that the first has a nameplate in-built. Some of the houses had additional work done to the inside too, one with Moban Flint gravel. The overall look of the road is now much enhanced.
Three in a row.
On the inside.
All three matching.
The picture to the top left shows the first of 3 walls to be completed on an estate near Lechlade. These walls now match others built by the developers though without mortar as genuine dry stone walls.
Awaiting walls.
New wall in Moreton-in-Marsh.
Another view of Moreton-in-Marsh.
Another view of Moreton-in-Marsh
Repair in Turkdean.
Turkdean completed.
Neatly repaired in Turkdean
Collapsed wall in Swinbrook.
A collapsed wall in Swinbrook.
Section of repaired wall in Swinbrook part of an on-going project.
Ditchley before rebuild.
Quick repair needed in Ditchley.
Ditchley after repair.
Kingham - rather too close to the house for comfort.
Kingham rebuilt
Urgently needed repair in Kingham.
Leafield and gravel.
Leafield before repair.
Leafield rebuild and laying chippings.
Rebuild and laying of chippings around tank.
The damage done by ivy.

The damage done by ivy over the years.

Chilson fully repaired.

Fully repaired with ivy dug out in Chilson.

Southleigh - taking care of the driveway too.

Taking care of the driveway too in Southleigh.


Southleigh repaired.

Removal of tumbledown wall and gate in Turkdean.

Tumbled down wall and gate adjacent to farmland in Turkdean.

Stockproof and looking good in Turkdean.

Stockproof and gate removed and looking good in Turkdean.

Compton Abdale collapsed wall.

Compton Abdale - collapsed wall.

Compton Abdale looking good and ready to stand for many decades.

New wall ready to stand for many many decades in Compton Abdale.

2018 proved to be yet another year of interesting projects. Starting with the Beast from the East the weather was unpredictable with a very late Spring and a very hot Summer. This affects everyone who works outside and of course the state of the walls which are subject to all the changing weather. Trees fall on walls, frost erodes them and then in dry weather people think of improving their gardens. Some work was of course running repairs. Other projects included large-scale landscaping jobs requiring many different elements including steps, pathways and patios.

There is enormous value in creating customer loyalty both for the customer and the contractor and Tom has always considered this an important part of his work. Here are just some of the works completed during the year starting with an emergency fall on to a road.

HAwling fall into the road.
A collapse on to a road - an emergency repair.
Haawling repaired.
Repaired having left another job to do it.
Selfbinding path.
Self-binding path with edging.
Self-binding path.
Creation of new paths and walls in a landscape.
Fawler before.
Fawler before repair
Fawler after repair.
Fawler after repair.

2017 - Its never 'more of the same'. Each job, each year brings different challenges. Some greater than others. 2017 was the same. While the previous winter was not so destructive this last has been and so repairs have been non-stop.
South Hinksey before rebuild.
A long roadside wall in South Hinksey
South Hinksey after rebuild.
After rebuild which took many weeks and plenty of Health and Safety precautions.
Moreton in Marsh.
Moreton in Marsh rebuilt.
The completely rebuilt wall in Moreton-in-Marsh at a lower height.
Minchinhampton entrance.
Minchinhampton entrance
Minchinhampton entrance wall and pillar.
Minchinhampton entrance wall and pillar.
Before in Chedworth.
After in Chedworth.
Chilsen flat topped wall.
Before in Newent.
Low wall in Newent.
Newent in Forest of Dean.
Old steps.
Sibford Gower
New steps.
Sibford Gower
The driveway in Aylesbury
The wall begins in Aylesbury
Crossing the ditch in Aylesbury
One side of the driveway near Aylesbury
The completed entrance near Aylesbury
Curved wall in Bentham
Village wall in Chipping Norton
Chipping Norton
Three stages in Hazlington.
Hazlington nearly finished.
Long boundary wall in Ledbury.
Ledbury other side.
Boundary walls are a special feature of the countryside and we notice them particularly along country lanes. Landowners have the expensive responsibility for their maintenance and it is always worth keeping them in good repair before it becomes a major undertaking.
Entrance wall in Great Rollright.
Great Rollright
There is little that makes us more happy about returning home than seeing the entrance to our property - however grand. Tom is often asked to rebuild or create new entrances as are shown on this page. - in Great Rollright, Hazlington above and another in Twyning and outside Aylesbury.
Entrance in Twyning.

2016 - work continued in a number of counties particularly in Buckinghamshire where an impressive entrance ws constructed. 2014 - 15 was hectic with some really important projects finished. A major repair in Ramsden and another in Middleton Stoney. A high wall below in Rollright along with the gravelling and edging of the driveway.

Another high wall (this time mortared) at the Witney Meeting House, a nice curved wall in Wilcote with twice-weathered toppers and a gated enclosure in Freeland are just three more of the finished projects.

Witney Meeting House
The other side of the same wall
Curved wall in Wilcote
The new gateposts
Starting the Freeland job
laying out the stones
The first corner
The completed wall

Just some of the varied walling projects Tom has undertaken over the past years. Take a look at the different styles on the website when thinking about a new build.


Work was done in Great Rollright (see above) and Kingham as well as Standlake, Middleton Stoney and one in Chipping Norton. At all times Tom strives for quality so that the walls will stand for many decades to come.

Witney wall
Witney wall
Middleton Stoney drystone wall on the roadside
Badly damaged dry stone wall
Repair of walls in Middleton Stoney.
Repaired dry stone wall with cement capping
Twyning driveway.
Twyning driveway walls.
Two walls rebuilt in Twyning.
The three photos here are of driveway walls in Twyning. They show the process from nothing to the completed walls.
Middleton Stoney boundary wall.
Middleton Stoney
Middleton Stoney rebuilt.
When a wall on the roadside is damaged it becomes a hazard to traffic and pedestrians. The owner could also be liable for any injury as a result of falling stones. It should always be taped off and loose stone and waste should, where possible, be stored on the opposite side of the wall.
Insurance job in Leafield.
Rebuilt in Leafield.
Vehicles frequently damage walls and they are expensive to repair though should be covered by the driver's insurance. It is also important to have the repair done quickly as the area could be a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists.
Small repair In East End, Northleigh.
East End completed
A badly damaged wall in Bourton on the Water.
The completed wall - noting that the environment is left tidy.
Part of this old wall in Ledbury needing a lot of attention.
You will notice here that the old wall on either side is showing signs of wear but for the time being without so much vegetation it should stand for a number of yers before needing repair.
Another section of the Ledbury wall.
Small wall in Brize Norton
Brize Norton
Repaired wall in Brize Norton
Starting work on a high wall
Low boundary dry stone wall in Kingham in the traditional style

Tom starts work on the repair of a dry stone wall the completed repair of a dry stone wall A typical Cotswold wall
Recapped wall A ha-ha needing repair Haha after repair Repair of a Haha
Badly weathered wall in Oxford How to protect a driveway The completed wall To protect the driveway plywood was laid under the skip.
A new corner needed on a dry stone wall This corner is easily knocked by cars so was mortared Wall damaged by ivy and other plants Corner in Northleigh and a much overgrown wall in Great Rollright.
A complete landscaping of a garden in Hampstead with dry stone walls, retaining walls and paving. Part of the walling project in Hampstead The completed walling project including all paving

Dry Stone Walling around Witney and the Cotswolds

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